Electric Guitar


Whether you want to learn how to play great rock riffs, wailing blues solos, chugging power chords or cool jazz licks, I can show you how.  The set up I use in my home studio means that I have access to hundreds of different guitar tones to suit your style.  We can learn using a number of different resources including Standard Notation, Tablature or Chord sheets to get you playing the songs you want to learn.  If you want to go for graded exams, I can teach Trinity Rock & Pop, Rockschool and RGT Syllabuses up to Grade 8 level.

Acoustic Guitar


I can teach all styles of acoustic guitar including fingerstyle and plectrum techniques. I also cover alternative tunings and percussive guitar styles.  If you want to learn how to strum a few chords to play along with your favourite songs or if you want to take a Trinity College London  or RGT graded exam, I will help you achieve your goal.

I am 

Classical Guitar


From Baroque Lute pieces through to more contemporary Latin American works, the Classical Guitar has a special quality.  It is where I first started my journey on the instrument and is also where my younger students tend to begin.  From complete novices to ABRSM and Trinity College London examinations, I can provide lessons to suit your ability.   

I am 

Bass Guitar


I am experienced in teaching all styles including Rock, Metal, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Latin and African as well as many varied techniques such as right hand finger style, plectrum and slap bass.  If you are interested in learning how to create your own bass lines, or if you want to learn songs by your favourite artists, then I can help. I also prepare students for their graded Bass Guitar exams for Trinity Rock & Pop, Rockschool  and RGT Syllabuses up to Grade 8 level.



The Ukulele is a fun instrument to learn and can be a stepping stone to learning the guitar, as well as being a serious instrument in its own right.  I teach beginners to advanced players and can prepare students for graded Ukulele exams.  In lessons, we look at topics including chords, strumming techniques and fingerstyle playing.



I have experienced first lesson anxiety myself, so I know how nerve wracking it can feel, but I guarantee you really have nothing to be worried about!  


The lessons take place in my home studio in a relaxed and welcome environment where I have access to an extensive library of source material - both from books and the Internet


Each lesson I teach is unique and is catered to the student's musical taste and ability whilst also developing their own individual style. 


Some pupils are content strumming chords or learning songs by their favourite artists.  Others want to have a greater knowledge of music or want to learn how to use their instrument to improvise. 


During my time as an instrumental tutor I have taught many diverse musical styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Classical, Folk, Metal, Bluegrass, Country and Reggae.


A good guitarist is self taught but with the aid of a tutor and in my lessons, I aim to point a pupil in the right direction without altering their  style of playing.  In time, I hope to help the student to develop their own musical voice.


I am fully DBS (formerly CRB) checked and parents of younger children are welcome to sit in on their child's lesson.


If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.



I can teach all styles of Mandolin from Bluegrass to Irish Folk and beyond.  I have also taught the Mandola in the past.  In lessons we cover topics such as chord playing, plectrum technique, tremolo picking and left hand  hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.



Whether you want to learn Clawhammer, Bluegrass, Trad Jazz or any other banjo style, I can help you.  Techniques covered in lessons include Banjo rolls, left hand hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides, chords and chokes. 

Music Theory


Music theory is the individual elements and concepts of the language of music and having at least some knowledge of music theory, whatever instrument you play, can be very useful and actually quite fun!  I can prepare pupils for Graded Music Theory exams for ABRSM and Trinity College London exam boards.  I can cover all aspects of music theory including Music Notation, Harmony, Scales and Arpeggios, Keys and Transposition, reading and writing Standard Notation and Rhythm.  



In composition and songwriting lessons, I can take you through the basics such as harmony and theory, chord sequences including three and four chord tricks, lyric and melody writing, song structure, song arrangements, stylistic awareness and music appreciation, performance and presentation.

"Michael is

a creative and enthusiastic teacher who puts people at their ease.  He teaches that enjoying playing is the primary focus but this is underpinned by skills and knowledge.  


My children make obvious progress whilst obviously enjoying their lessons.  I couldn't ask for a better guitar teacher and I highly recommend him to all age groups."